The House with Boxes

Hello Everyone,

I’ve got a few things to tell you.

A week ago, my Mum put us all in that green car of hers and drove us to this house called number 9. She took us all inside and we are still blooming there. My chewed bones are even still in the jungle at the other house. Mum didn’t say we were going to be gone this long. If she had, I would have brought one along, at least.

When we got to 9, we sniffed about and peed on things. That’s what we do you know. It’s like leaving a card in a letterbox or carving ‘Harley woz ‘ere,’ but much more eco-friendly. Then after we had been here a little while just sniffing about and freely peeing, Mum put us all in the car again but she didn’t get in or make the car move!!

We sat in the car for ever and ever. A truck had arrived and we had to wait in the car as 2 men unloaded the huge truck. They took all these things into the 9 house. The same 9 house that we were sniffing.

I started barking in the car and Mum let us all out after I annoyed her so much. I was happy about annoying her because we got out, BUT she took us to behind the pool fence and shut the gate! Now all we could do was go around and around a rectangle shape filled with deep water. We had already peed in that space. There was nothing to do.

B.O. R. I. N. G.

The men kept taking things off the truck and walking back to the truck and taking more things off the truck. I got fed up watching. It took forever. I tried to break us free. So, did Disastrous Duncan. We couldn’t do it. When the men left, and we were allowed out and could go back inside the 9 house but it had changed! It was full of boxes.



Anyway, the outdoor stuff from our other house was here and when the men had gone Mum poured her special Mum drink. When she pours that, we know she isn’t going to get busy again. So, I went to sleep on our sofa from the house with my bones in the jungle. I went to sleep so I could sort out my trauma.



The other thing I must tell you is my Mum cut my hair at 3am. She said she couldn’t sleep and so she woke me up and started to cut my fringe. She hashed it right up. My nose looked like a sprinkler and my hair at the side of my face looked like a handlebar moustache without the curl.


I went to kindy with Duncan the next day because they have groomers. Mum said I needed to be fixed. For once she was right. My Mum’s friend said that Duncan goes to kindy but for me, it should be called UNIVERSITY. I agree with that friend.

So, I went to university and had my hair fixed!! My university is called Diamond Dog Activity Centre. They cater for incredible canines like me.


And anyway…

I think we are staying in the box house because the boxes are going outside empty and our beds have been made in Mum’s room. She has a bed too, you know. When we aren’t on her bed, we can get into our own beds. That’s what we did in the other house. The one without boxes. The one with my bones still in the jungle.

There’s a park at the end of our 9 house street and there are possums in the backyard, so it is all a bit like before. Just the boxes are different.

In conclusion, I would like you all to know that I look dapper and that I hope you are all well and that I am settling into 9 house. Mum will probably sort out the bone issue.

Lots of love,

Harley the Magnificent University Boy from the House of Boxes.