Harley Post: I’ve got a POOL & it WORKS

Hello Everyone,

It’s HOT.

Mum feels sad for us when it is hot. She tries to be nice and cool us off but when she tries, she is not actually being nice.

You see, Mum puts us in the BIG pool.

It isn’t nice.┬áIt is scary. We can’t touch the bottom. I don’t even think it has a bottom.

We get cool, but it is no fun at all. It is traumatic.

Today Mum went out with Disastrous Duncan in the green car again and when she came back, she had a POOL.

I think it is for ME!

It’s green, like the car but it doesn’t go backwards. It stays still. It is a green thing that I think I like.

Now, because Mum is a bit weird, I thought it was a very good idea to let Duncan have the first try.

Mum filled it up MY pool with the hose.

The hose had a big huntsman spider on it but Duncan got rid of it. He tried to eat it but it shot between the stones of the house wall.

He has no idea really. Huntsman are okay. Silly Chunky Dunk.

Anyway, mum filled MY pool half way full.

Duncan was dying to get in. He was even chasing the water from the hose.

He chases everything. Flies, birds, spiders…

Then when MY pool was ready, I let Duncan in first.

If he survived, I would have a turn.


I waited for a few moments just to be sure MY green pool was safe and Duncan was my safety measure.

My pool passed the test. Duncan didn’t die.



I peeped in. I checked the inside of MY pool.

Yep Mum had bought the sort that has a bottom.

She even bought the sort that has a bottom I can touch.

So far MY pool was looking good.

Now for the next big decision…

I knew I had to put myself in because Mum is impatient. If I didn’t put myself in, she would throw me in. That was a given.

I needed to pluck up courage.

I took myself for a ‘focus’ walk around the lawn and on the way back to the pool, full of ‘focus…’

Yep, Mum got hold of me!!

‘Harley, Barley, Barley Boy,’ she said. I didn’t hear anything after that. I just braced myself.


Mum put me in and I touched the bottom.

It was great. Mum splashed me and cooled my whole body down. I really enjoyed it.

Then Mum sat on a chair to watch me. The chair is green too…

And when I was ready, I got myself out.


There’s a little step in each corner and that step is mine. Disastrous Duncan doesn’t need a step and Tilly wouldn’t even come downstairs to the grass. So I have claimed the steps. All 4 of them.

I felt like a new man. All cool and happy.

Duncan and I took off to play chasey under the deck.

Wet paws meant muddy paws but who cares? We were cool as cucumbers.


I felt so happy.

My mum got it right. She bought a sensible pool for ME.

Summer will be so great.

I hope everyone is having fun in the sun.

You can buy a pool like MINE at Bunnings.

It’s the best type of green thing in the world.