Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Eyes

Hello Everybody,

It’s me – Harley the Magnificent.

I’m learning to sing. My first song is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and I love the words ‘tangerine’ and ‘marmalade’…I don’t eat either but what groovy words.

My mum told me to get ready for a car ride. She has a way of wrecking my moments.

Everybody knows I don’t like car RIDES. I only like car SITS. When will my mum learn that?

Mum said to me that I am going to Duncan’s kindy in the car. I am going with Duncan and with Tilly too. My mum said that she is going to stay with us as well. She thinks Tilly will be scared without her. She said that I was to have fun and not be responsible for Tilly. Phew!! Sometimes being responsible makes me a bit tired.

My mum went on her computer and she found me a new smart harness to wear for when I go to Duncan’s kindy. I’m not allowed to wear my smart collars anymore because my trachea hates the collars. My trachea starts coughing when I even look at a collar!


My mum thinks my day to day harnesses are a bit tatty to wear out to Duncan’s kindy.

I think she is barking mad. Why should I dress up for kindy? I mean I’m not going in a boat by a river or down to a bridge by a fountain. I’m not even looking for the girl with kaleidoscope eyes…(see what I did there?) Ha Ha.

Then do you know what I saw? I saw my mum making an event header for a concert and the concert is at Diamond Dog Activity Centre. That’s Disastrous Duncan’s kindy!!

And then…

I saw my mum type Holly’s Rescue for Senior Dogs too.


fundraiser concert (2)

Diamond Dogs + Holly’s Rescue + Event Header = CON…FU…SION.

I had to think hard to know what was going on.

I know that Event Header = Concert.

I know that my mum loves Holly’s and Diamond Dogs.

I know that Concert = Music

I know that Music = Heaps of Fun.

…after so much thinking, I worked it out!!

Event Header means a CONCERT and I think the concert is at Duncan’s kindy (DIAMOND DOG ACTIVITY CENTRE) and I think some people from my Holly’s might be there!!

Now I know why I have to look smart. I am going to a concert and I might see people I love.

There is this great band called Kaleidoscope Eyes playing – I’ve seen them before and that’s why I know they are great. I saw my mum type their name.

The last time they came I wore a bandana with the faces of The Beatles on it. But bandanas are neck things, so that is why I am getting a harness. Everything makes sense now!!


The link below is when Kaleidoscope Eyes came and played at my home on ‘The Deck.’ At 35 seconds, you can see me crossing in front of the band. I was checking to see that the young drummer was actually behaving. Some times young boys don’t behave – just look at Duncan!!



Eventually after all my problem solving and wondering…my mum finally explained what was going on.

My mum said that this concert is a special one. This concert is to raise funds for Duncan’s kindy and my Holly’s. My mum said they are both special places.

So if you want to come to see me and listen to the band play you can come along after you get a ticket. You can get a ticket (that’s how you help our special places) by going to this place on your computer:


I hope some of you can come to make this a really special day. If you come you can sing with me…Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Lucy in the sky with diamonds…then you go….ahhhh

I know I don’t have to be responsible but I think I will keep a careful eye on Duncan between songs and I will try to keep an eye on the drummer too.

….but mostly I will be keeping an eye on all of my friends to make sure they are singing and laughing and having a great afternoon.

Love and Lyrics,

Harley the Amazing Pop-star Boy XX