Packing! I Wont Panic :-)

United Kingdom






Something I should be proficient at. Sadly Im hopeless. I loathe it.

I pack every week for a trip somewhere. A work trip. Well actually that’s a lie. I dont pack as such, I rearrange things in a suitcase that I havent ever bothered to unpack.

But for long haul trips, I need to take a more strategic approach. Doesnt mean I do it well, just means I THINK I should BE more strategic.

As I prepare to go to England and Scotland again, the dreaded packing time has arrived. Hence Im on the computer, hoping it will mysteriously happen all by itself.

My first task this morning was to unpack from the trip I did to the UK about 3 months ago. That was exhausting.

After emptying that case, I dived into the suitcase I hadnt unpacked from my work trip last week. Then I made 2 piles – ‘Washing pile’ and ‘Clean enough looking to take on this trip pile.’

To be strategic I needed a PACKING PLAN!

As I have clothes spread from one end of the house to the other, I decided a spare bed was a good place to start making piles.

The ‘look clean enough to take on this trip’ pile went there. The washing pile was flung on the laundry floor as I passed.

   This is the last of it!

Ah ha! I was feeling like this was becoming manageable. I sorted the washing. I cranked up the heating and got out the clothes airer things. Cruising! For 10 minutes.

Then I did the dumbest thing of all, I watered the garden!

BANG! I lost momentum, I became confused. I couldnt remember where I was up to. If only my mind would stay focused for a little while. It just doesnt and it does things like this to me.

Remedy for momentum loss: Facebook!

I was now moving from being dumb to being downright STUPID!

So, after being up for 8 hours, I can honestly say, I have achieved bugger all.

I have trashed the house.

I have made piles everywhere – wet piles and dirty piles and ‘look clean enough to take’ piles. Photo piles and electrical goods piles and flight paperwork piles. I am yet to make a bathroom pile.













So, in ending (so I can re-group and get strategic again,) If you see me in the same clothes in every photo whilst Im away you will know I didnt manage to get the strategic thing a happenin’…

I seriously think Ill just have a glass of wine and ponder the whole thing! I WONT PANIC!!