Novated Sunroof

I bought a new car.

Well I leased a new car. It’s called a novated lease. I dont know what novated means.

My boss told me it was a good idea, so I did it.

Thing is, I dont think I needed a new car.

You see, I have a car.

My current car, or car #1 is a RAV 4. The back brakes are shot. Otherwise it is fine.

It has 4 brand new tyres and a current and up to date service history.


I cant drive it because the back brakes are shot.

I was going to get it towed to the repair place…


It needs cleaning out and I couldnt drive it to the cleaning place.

I couldnt clean it out myself because the hoover cord doesnt reach outside.

I couldnt buy an extension cord, because I couldnt drive to the shops because the back brakes are shot…



I bought/leased a new one.

Now I have 2 cars.

My new car is a Captiva. The brakes on it are well *see further down*

I rang the novated lease people and said I had been told that to lease was the way to go.

‘Yes,’ said the man, ‘And what sort of car were you thinking of leasing?’

I hadnt thought and I told him that.

He pointed out that it was important for him to know.

So I told him I had just jumped out of a Captiva and it was nice.

He asked if Id like one.

‘Yes, I think so,’ I said.

‘What colour?’

‘You choose,’ I replied, ‘I dont care but not yellow.’

….and the conversation went on like this until I had said ‘Yes’ to most things and chosen a colour.

Done! That easy.

‘Car by the end of the week!’ said the man.

True to his word, was he..

I had been driving the car for 3 weeks when the BEST happened…

Actually before I tell you what happened, there are a few other things you might want to know.

I asked for a manual car.


I dont know.

I wish I didnt.

Every day, still now, I forget to use the gears.

As if that isnt bad enough, I have an EBS.

An EBS is the most stupid thing anyone invented.

It is an Electronic Brake System.

The park brake is electronic.

Before I can even turn the novated lease car on, I have to remember to put my foot on the clutch…

Then I have to put my foot on the brake to disengage the hand brake and by then…

quite frankly, Im exhausted!

Back to the EBS –

How do you do a hill start when  you have an EBS?

How do you hill start when you have an EBS and forget to use the gears??

Im working on it….

Back to the BEST thing that happened…

I had 2 kids in the back seat, their Mum in the passenger seat and we stopped at the supermarket. Kids were going to cook dinner, needed supplies.

The small boy asks, ‘What’s this?’

He was pointing to something near the roof.

I said I didnt know, no idea, clueless.


I noticed the ROOF itself!!

I had a sunroof!!!

Id always wanted a sunroof…

Now I had one. The novated lease man didnt tell me about that!

That wasnt a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question.

‘How do you work it?’ was my next question.

The Mum had a go – she knows about things like this.

She opened it!

I had a working sunroof!! 

And now I knew how to work it.

Unlike the radio and the button thing on the gear stick – I could work this!

I had a car bit that I could work!

This was not a car part that I needed to avoid.

I was so excited.

Today (4 days after the discovery of the sunroof) I went back to look at what it was the child was asking about in the first place.

I still dont know what it is.

I have 2 ‘dont know what they ares.’ One on either side of the car.

But that’s OK because I have one ‘I DO know what you are!’

You are a sunroof!!

So I have 2 cars. 

One dirty, one a bit grubby.

One blue, one white.

Eight new tyres. All black.

One EBS that can go to hell.

One gear stick that can follow the EBS to it’s destination.

One six stacker CD player that I will learn to use.

Two things near the SUNROOF



(….and a novated lease to pay for for the next 5 years….)

*Davina this blog is for you! You asked for a blog, you got a blog! :-)