16 Legs & Me on the Edge of the City

I own a house!

My home. Built in 1895

My home. Built in 1895

I actually own a house. For now at least. If I keep paying the mortgage then I own it for longer. That’s how this deal works.

The 16 Legs and I have moved. 16 Legs

I thought we lived in the city. We kind of do. Kind of. Just 40 odd kilometres out. Edge of…

Nice house. I found it on the internet. Nice website.

I visited the house once, bought it, went to the UK, came back and moved. That’s why I didn’t know it wasn’t in the city. I don’t care though. I like edging the city.

I’ve got a pool. I’ve got snakes too.

I prefer the pool.Tilly Girl and me

Ive got gardens and rooms and a hallway. 2 loos.

Ive got a new job too. Im an Assistant Principal in a school.

I chase people. Children mostly. I also do some curriculum stuff and I unlock gates. Lots of gates. I will be doing this for 5 years. Maybe less. Depends if my feet wear out.GATES!!!

So my new life…

I’ve left behind a town where I had spent 6 years of my life. Some of it good. Some not so.

I left behind a fabulous veggie garden and a view to die for.

I left behind the ‘easy’ life for one a bit harder.

I’m glad.

The best bits have come with me. The best bits are in my heart. The bad bits remain in the dust of the far north.

4 months down the track…a whole summer.

I have worked like a demon, swum like a fish, enjoyed my family and friends visiting.My dad

I still have a fly issue and Im yet to learn how to work swimming pools.

I do not have a spider problem but do have the above mentioned snake problem. I hope the repellers  fix that.

I have a new veggie garden on the way. garden

I have peace, true friends and happiness in my soul.

God that’s corny.

In actual fact, I have a dishwasher that needs emptying, a washing machine that is beeping and a bed that needs changing. That’s why Im here typing! Work avoidance!

Since I arrived on the edge of the city I have had periodic bursts of energy. They have left!

I energetically did unpacking and built beds. I haven’t energetically put the packing boxes out for recycling.


Im NOT recycling anymore…

You see – on Easter Sunday my hot water service blew up. It blew water into the sky!!hot water

I had to get a new one.

$4600 new one. An energy efficient, government ruling one.


That is my recycling effort for the rest of my natural life.

I dont know what I will do with the boxes? Shed storage will do for now…and the next 20 years I suspect.

And that’s why the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, etc…I lost my burst.

That’s OK because that’s what you do with bursts. They are called bursts Ifor a reason. A lost burst is an acceptable thing.

I am however worried about the lack of bursting between Monday and Friday but I don’t have burst control so I simply accept it. Some things you don’t fight to understand.

Bursting at the weekend is what counts.

Outdoor bursting.

So as a general update, life is good. Very Good. Very happy. I need to do things like buy a mop but I don’t see that as value adding to my happiness so the mop can wait.

For now, I am HOME. 482650_10151410635438727_1809962561_n (2)