Don’t Say THAT Word!


Today is a yuck day.

It’s Mother’s Day and it’s crap.

It’s my second Mother’s Day with a dead mother. The first one was better.

On the first one no one said the word, pancreas. I don’t like that word.

Last year no one had to say that word. Everyone had a pancreas that was working so there was no need to mention the word.

This year one of my dogs is sick.

This morning at first light I took him to the vet. The vet said the word pancreas.

I don’t like the word because Mum had a pancreas. It killed her.

I don’t like thinking about the pancreas. I never think about it. It is a horrid organ.

Vets think about the pancreas and even say the word.

When the vet said the word to me, I went cold.

You are not allowed to say the word. Especially not on Mother’s Day.

The vet doesn’t even know if my dog has a sick pancreas. She just thinks so. She shouldn’t have said pancreas, unless she knows. You don’t just take a stab in the dark and use the word pancreas.  She could have said elbow or constipation or muscle or anything. But she chose to say PANCREAS!

Now all I can think about is Mum and her pancreas and dying. I don’t want to think about that. How can I have a nice day when I can only think about being sick or dead because of a pancreas?

Maybe I’m just meant to have a crap day. Some days are just good and some are just yuck. Maybe it is just my turn for a yuck one. I don’t know who decides who gets the good days and who gets the yuck days. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t know who it is. I may decide to harm them or shout,”Pancreas!” at them to see how they like it.

Now that I know why I’m feeling so bad, I must try to shake it and claw back part of the day and declare it PANCREAS FREE!

Later I shall raise a glass to Mum, remember how she thought Mother’s Day was commercial rubbish and SMILE.

I do hope Parky dog has constipation…