Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday…Saturday Saturday’s Day’s ALRIGHT! By Harley

Every day our mum goes off somewhere in that GREEN car of hers. That’s another story…how she isn’t embarrassed is beyond me.

As much as I don’t like cars and I think the green car is ridiculous because it looks like a Lego toy, I still want to go though. Sometimes anyway.


Just Dumpkin goes. Disastrous Duncan. Chunk Dunky.

He goes.


He seems to love going and does his deer jumping around the place. Looking crazy as usual.

Mum says, ‘For God’s sake Duncan, WALK!’ He doesn’t seem to have mastered that YET. He’s 10 months now you know. You’d think he might have worked why he has 4 feet.


I used to bark and cry a bit, but now mum gives me more ‘chews’ to keep me occupied. The thing is she gives them to me on the deck and they sometimes fall through the slats.

What does she want to do? Feed the rats and snakes? I need a plate or at least a flat surface….But they work for distraction purposes. And when I do get to eat them all and don’t lose any, I am pretty happy.

Anyway, I am used to it now and my sister and I really do have a nice time on our walks with Hannah without ‘Dumpkin.’




I have some really great news…

I am going on an excursion on my own.

I do have to suffer the car and I know I will scream, but I will be so happy to get to the destination.

Dumpkin isn’t even allowed to come.

Tilly has to stay home too.

This is about MEEEE!

I am going to see my Holly’s friends.

I am going to see my GILL from Holly’s.

I am so excited and I am going to look so smart because mum has booked me in for a wash and clip.

Mum even bought me a new collar and lead. (I hope it arrives.)


I love dressing up, you know.

Another BATHAnother HAIRCUTEXHAUSTED beatles Hello Everyone,I was adopted & ! tartan

Tilly and Disastrous Duncan don’t get new things this weekend. Tilly does get a wash and clip but Disastrous DOESN’T!!

He has enough mum time.

I am so over the moon. Only tonight and tomorrow night to go.

I can’t wait to see everyone at PetStock in Munno Para.

Can I have a sausage? Is there a sizzle?

That would be great because I love food so much.

Oh Happy Saturdaaaaaay (I’m singing.)

Happy HarleyHolly’s Day!

Mum is excited too, I can feel it.