Harley Post: My Summer

Hello Everybody¬†¬†It’s ME. Harley the Magnificent!summer1It has been such a long time since I wrote to you. I have been thinking about all my friends on the Holly’s page but life has been so busy that when it gets to the dark time and my mum goes her computer, I am so tired that I just cant talk to her and tell her my stories.

I’m energetic now though. It is because the weather cooled down.

Hasn’t it been scorching hot? I just take my small little self off to my green paddling pool and have a bit of a sit down in the shade when I can’t take the heat any more. Duncan always comes and causes me to have a splashed disaster though. But to be honest, I haven’t even minded him doing that too much. Anything to cool off.

Well kind of of anything. Mum still thinks it is kind to drag me into the big pool with her. I think she is mean to do that, but I know how to climb out using the stairs now. So if I get pointed to the stairs, I can get away. I just swim with my little legs like a rocket and jump up the steps. Then I shake my body and run around like a maniac rubbing my wet self on everything. I do love the cool feeling.

My mum has had her school summer holidays and that means that she has been HOME!!! It has been so great.

Mum had loads of people come to stay. But before the people came, Disastrous Duncan had a birthday! He had a cake. I’m going to have a cake for my birthday, my mum said. I did have a really nice Christmas pudding at Christmas time. I had a stocking too, but Duncan took all my toys.

I did pull the stockings down though.Twice. Tilly and I ate all the chew chews. I did that when Duncan was at his kindy. He didn’t get to have any. Ha Ha!


I am really looking forward to my birthday now to have cake made of chicken and vegetables with a yogurt sort of icing. Duncan shared his cake with us. I bossed him though with my super growl, and he gave me the last of his piece too. He does that when I super growl him.

And also before the people came, my friend called Karen came to massage Tilly. She always massages me too. She gave my mum some chew chews for the stockings. But you know what happened to them now, don’t you?

Look how hairy I was then!! That is probably bordering on neglect! Mum shouldn’t let me get that hairy. Goodness me!


Then after all the celebration days and the dreadful New year fireworks, the sun came along and so did a lot of people.

First up came a band with 4 people. They stayed for a week and I loved them all. They were called Crooked Weather and they came from Lincolnshire. That’s a plane ride away and they talked sort of funny. They played music and swam lots. They did a concert too. It was 43 degrees when they did the concert. All the watching people didn’t sit on the chairs, the got in the big pool and watched my Lincolnshire band friends from the water. Isn’t that funny?

This is us boys just smiling at the people. We always go on the stage to smile at the people.


This is some of the people watching from the big pool. Ha Ha. I went in my little green pool a few times BUT Duncan climbed on my mum and he got in the big pool with the people!! He is a LUNATIC!

IMG_7232 resized

This a picture of my band friends. Look at Will in his hot shirt. Mad dogs and Englishmen…Ha Ha!! Even I only had a shirt COLLAR on. Will should have copied me.



And this photo is all of us. Aren’t we really cute in our concert clothes. Tilly has a pretty bow made of cork and my brother and I both have shirt collars but they got a bit twisted up.

My mum had another friend from England staying too. They went to Kangaroo Island and we had a babysitter move in. I was excellent. Duncan was Duncan and Tilly did her sooking thing and wouldn’t eat. Sometimes I thinks she really needs to get a grip.

Mum came back and all the visitors left. It was very quiet and still very hot. Too hot for my Hannah to take me out or too hot for mum to take me out.

BUT my mum did take us out when it was evening cool. And the best thing happened…my mum told me she TRUSTED me. She let me go for walks all by myself off a the lead. She just walked next to me and said, ‘You’re a good boy Harley Barley Barley Boy!’

I felt so proud.

IMG_8430 IMG_8426

My mum trusted Tilly too BUT not Duncan.

Duncan stayed at home and talked through the door.

Duncan actually talks now. No one knows what he says but he sort of says, “Roooowl, re owl, roh, rrroh, ree oh.” And it is in a talking voice.

One day we might know what on earth it is that he is banging on about.

Now my mum has gone back to her school work and there are no more sleep-ins at our house. We wish our mum could retire like us. She says she wants to retire too but she also said that the bloody government has made it so she has to work until she is nearly dead. That’s not really fair is it?

Mum likes just hanging with us.


Anyway that government said mum can’t hang with us everyday so we just have to be brave when she goes to her work.

I have had the most wonderful time with mum home and I have even liked having Disastrous Duncan home too. He has trashed mum’s bedroom and he does always eat her bags of ice and he did eat her red shoe but mum says, ‘Oh you are just a pup!’ and everything is OK.

So that’s my summer so far. My coughing is pretty good now too. I only have my tablets every second day now and I have peanut putter every day because I love it SO much!!

Keep cool everyone and I love you. I will write to you again soon.

From Harley the Magnificent Trusted Walking Proud BOY!